Who's your master?

After 52 years of life, my husband (Steve) decided it was time he could cook something other than Vegemite on toast, and on special occasions, ham and cheese on toast. Once a week, he was going to cook dinner - words I've longed to hear for nigh on three decades. For completeness though, I must acknowledge that he did bring me breakfast in bed once - maybe it was my birthday - which comprised 1/2 grapefruit and a cup of coffee served on an old wooden chopping board. Clearly he was not yet ready to drop an egg into boiled water or anything else similarly complex but I digress.

That cooking declaration was made November last year and I've been served three meals since, although there have been a few 'kitchen assists'. Alas, this means we're nowhere near ready for the next season of My Kitchen Rules.

The most helpful aspect of the 'kitchen assists', or should I say, the most amusing is that Steve, preparer of three meals plus a 1/2 grapefruit, considers himself quite knowledgeable in the kitchen and now, while acting as Sous Chef, not only contributes ideas but also suggests that I am not doing things right. I do wonder how all those meals over the past thirty years made it on to plates - I've been lucky.

So why the sudden interest in being able to cook? Master Chef may have played a role. We both enjoy the US version of Master Chef. The judges, I believe, make a cooking show worth watching, or not (pass on Master Chef Australia I'm sorry). Graham, Gordon and Joe on Master Chef US make a great team; they're interesting and entertaining, and this might be why we frequent Mozza's Pizzeria in Singapore (one of Joe's restaurants) or it might be because it has the best pizzas in the world, ever.

Steve also likes to watch Hell's Kitchen (with Gordon Ramsay), usually while I am cooking dinner including on his designated night. Only problem with this show however, is that a lot of the dialogue is 'beeped' out by the Singaporean censors - no swearing allowed here (try keeping up with the story in Californication or Sons of Anarchy!)

I love My Kitchen Rules and again, the judges play a pivotal role in the show's appeal in my opinion. Manu and Pete are a perfect duo (they don't need to be flamboyant or over-the-top) and the guest judges are also perfect for the show.

I believe it might be a sign that Lee was a finalist in Season 2 and Leigh was the winner in Season 3. That can't be a coincidence. No sign of a Steve though anywhere of note.

#food #steve

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