What's popular about rain?

When you read a book on the Kindle, you are able to highlight text as if you are using a highlighter pen on paper. You can then view the sections you’ve highlighted by selecting "View Notes & Marks."

Popular Highlights are sections of text that have been highlighted by a number of readers ie passages that are meaningful to the greatest number of readers. You can view Popular Highlights by opening a particular book on your Kindle and selecting “View Popular Highlights” from the Menu options.

Ten passages from my novel, RAIN, now appear in Popular Highlights (see below). As a writer, it is valuable and interesting to see what strikes a chord for readers, and I thought you might find it interesting as well.

Popular Highlights in Rain from Kindle readers (most popular first):

  1. "When someone dies, they take something from you, so you can never again be the person you were before they left."

  2. "When someone suspects a lie, their mind will pursue another truth that is often worse than the reality. That’s the risk of being secretive."

  3. "In a real sense, the hour is late, the clock of destiny is ticking out, and we must act now before it is too late. (Martin Luther King Jr., 24 March 1963)"

  4. "The emptiness is not the heart, but the mind for it knows to think incessantly about what has been lost."

  5. "I asked of life, what have you to offer me? And the answer came, what have you to give?"

  6. "Happiness comes through doors you didn’t realize you left open."

  7. "Your mind decides for itself what you’ll waste hours thinking about."

  8. "What seems stranger to me is that every single person will experience losing someone they love more than life, and come to wish they had been a better person because of the pain. If only they could know now, how bad it will be and perhaps less hearts would be ugly, and more would think twice before speaking or acting."

  9. "Repetition goes on, rituals go on, routine goes on, but that is not life. I guess this proves the world is full of the living dead and most do not even know it has happened to them."

  10. "I once read that a truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour."

Thank you to those readers who used the highlighting tool on their Kindles.

RAIN has loitered for a while on the Amazon.com bestseller lists after a stint at #1 (Women’s Fiction) before Christmas, and is currently at #25 in Family Saga (Kindle), #32 in Family Saga (Books) and hanging in there at #97 in Literary Fiction (Kindle). When an author makes a bestseller list, it’s not the work of the author that should be credited, but the effort of readers who put it there, so these statistics are evidence of your good work, not mine, but I thank you for it!


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