Release: 2017 


It was not easy being Ted Mowbray yet he had no desire to live the relatively stress-free, moderate life of his father. Not even the monotonous regularity of mortgage repayments, instalments for the twin BMWs, designer clothes for his wife, two daughters and himself, and destination holidays could dampen his drive for ultimate material success and personal satisfaction.


Nothing could stop Ted Mowbray until an average weekday morning unveiled a world he did not recognize. Alienated, inadequate, isolated and seemingly invisible to those who loved him, Ted must find a way to live this new reality and accept his new status. Will he have a chance to rewrite his story and if so, will anything really change?


Rewritten contemplates our life's priorities and our seeming inability to make changes even when we know better. Second chances are often meaningless.

Genre: Literary/Fantasy

2016 by Leigh K Cunningham

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