• Gold medal, 2011 Indie Excellence Book Awards (Literary Fiction)

  • Silver medal, 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY) (Fictiion: Australia/NZ)



Rain is a multi-generational family saga set in provincial Australia from the early 60s which sees third-generation, Carla and Matthew trying to escape their family legacy through different paths.


Set in provincial Australia in the early sixties, Rain is a multigenerational family saga that chronicles the lives of three generations of the Wallin sawmilling dynasty. It explores the often difficult ties between mothers and daughters, men and women: the sacrifices, compromises, and patterns of emotion that repeat themselves through generations. 


By turn dark and amusing, Rain delivers an emotionally charged revelation about love, loss, guilt, self-discovery and redemption. The enduring question of family bonds—escapable or not, divides, conquers and triumphs.


Please note Rain is a very dark, tragic story with an unrelenting focus on human frailty and suffering. If you're looking for a happy, feel good story this is not it.



Reviews: Ron Fritsch, David Darling, Mimi Barbour, Susan Murray, Iris DurfeeJenny, Shelleyrae (Book'd Out)


Genre: Literary Fiction, Family Saga. Likened to The Thorn Birds, Legends of the Fall.


2016 by Leigh K Cunningham

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